Days after the July 2023 national election, Hun Sen announced that he would step down as prime minister after 38 years. This spurred a major generational shift in government that saw the selection of Hun Manet as the new prime minister and a cabinet of scions take over from the old guard.

The Succession page tracks all the changes to the government, the new cabinet, senior government officials and the election results that gave the Cambodian People’s Party another 5-year term in the National Assembly.

The new Council of Ministers was passed by the National Assembly on August 22, 2023, heralding a generational change in the power structures that control the country. Hun Manet brings in with him a fleet of ministers — many the children of previous cabinet members — who will be expected to tackle the pressing issues facing the country. Look through The Cabinet ’23 to see who made the cut in the new council.

The National Assembly now houses a large portion of the senior Cambodian People’s Party officials, who have had to make way for a younger generation of ruling party leaders. The Elect page lists all the new parliamentarians and their past deeds.

The Ballot ’23 database has all the information from the July election, including party bios, candidate lists, results and live updates from election day.

Click on a database to explore various parts of the new government:

Also track the appointments of minister delegates attached to the prime minister and statistics for ministries’ secretaries and undersecretaries of state.